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You Know It’s More Than Just an “Ache”

You’ve got something more going on, and it’s stopping you from doing the things you love. This pesky pain is more than a nuisance at this point.

The last time you tried going to physical therapy, no one listened to you or understood your actual problem. You felt like you were just a number.

You’ve tried stretching and changing up your workout schedule but you’re not quite able to figure this one out.

You’re feeling stuck and worried about your future. We’ve been there, we get you, and we’re on a mission to help.

Put your pain in the past

Whether you prefer exercising for enjoyment, competing locally, or you’re headed for The Olympics—you can overcome this obstacle and achieve your athletic goals. At Mobility-Doc, we tap into your body’s natural ability to heal, applying the exact treatments your body needs to the right places, at the right time.

We’ve helped thousands of people return to their active lifestyles after suffering injuries or simple aches and pains limiting performance. Your body has the ability to function at levels you may not even realize are possible yet. We can help you reach that potential through:

Whether you’re looking for in-person visits, or you’d rather manage this pain from the comfort of your own home or gym, we’ve got you covered. Our remote virtual physical therapy programs range from monthly PT-based workout subscriptions called MD Online to 100% customized 1:1 care through our telehealth video platform.

MD Online is the latest advancement in physical therapy care — including an initial doctor assessment to determine your starting point, injury-specific videos, online classes, and weekly programming to fit your needs. Take your care into your own hands with online solutions curated by your Mobility-Doc team of experts.

A Physical Therapy Partner Truly Dedicated to Your Definition of Success

We have studied athletic injuries for decades, from 5 different Olympians in 5 different sports, to local parents who want to continue their active lifestyles despite busy schedules.

“In less than a month, I am nearly pain-free and back to rolling without my brace already. With just 2 visits per week, Mobility-Doc has got me back to doing what I love so much faster than I could have imagined. More importantly, they restored my hope. Wrestling is my entire world and I’d be lost without it. When my ortho doc told me to just deal with the pain, I was crushed. I’m so thankful for John and Chloe.”
- Laura

Mobility-Doc is a privately-owned 1:1 sports physical therapy treatment facility with clinics in Bethlehem and Stroudsburg, PA. We partner alongside you, taking a holistic approach, and look at the bigger picture.

If you come into the clinic for your rehab, you’ll see the same knowledgeable, compassionate, and devoted doctor each visit for the entire duration of your care. When you elect to manage your pain within our virtual programs, you receive that same individualized care and attention.

Don’t worry — we’re here to help you decide which route is best for you. Just select whether you’d like that first visit to be in person or through a video chat online!

We’re in network with a handful of insurance companies. If you plan to use your insurance benefits, we make it easy to verify what’s covered with our Insurance Verification Tool. We also have affordable private-pay options not bound by any insurance limitations.

Ready to make progress on that pain you’re experiencing?

We recognize your body’s ability to heal when given the right environment. We blend years of experience, up-to-date evidence, and your personal goals to create a treatment plan aimed at helping you return to the active lifestyle you crave. Mobility-Doc’s team focuses on restoring your normal athletic function, regaining lost mobility, and ultimately boosting performance through one-on-one personalized physical therapy care. If you join our online community, MD Online, you can expect the same high-level and specific exercises to boost your performance from the comfort of your own home or gym.

Getting started is simple.

Step 1

Select whether you’d like in-person or online care.

Step 2

Schedule your initial appointment.

Step 3

If using insurance, verify your benefits using our simple verification tool.

At Mobility-Doc, we take the time to actually…


Listen to your problem so we find tailored solutions.

Understand your pain by feeling your joints and muscles.

Help you reach your goals as quickly as possible by creating a customized treatment plan just for you.

Constantly reassess your treatment plan. If your pain or performance is not improving how we would expect, we modify your plan to fit your body’s needs.

Offer continuing care and reinjury prevention to help your pain stay away.

Your time is valuable and we truly feel honored when you choose us to help you navigate your injury. We’re not shuffling patients in and out. We’re pushing back against this culture and intentionally slowing down.

What to Expect at Mobility-Doc In-Person Appointments

  • 60-minute appointments with hands-on, customized treatment.
  • Personalized 1:1 attention from the same doctor every visit. 
  • Thorough explanation of your injury or condition and active involvement in optimizing your health.
  • Customized home exercises and regular follow-up visits to assess progress.
  • Coordination with additional services or providers in our trusted network.
  • An enjoyable time! Rehab doesn’t have to be so mundane.

What to Expect with
MD Online

  • Weekly live classes to address full-body mobility, stability, and strength
  • Unlimited lifetime access to our library of injury-specific exercise videos so you never have to remember what we showed you — just watch again!
  • Step-by-step detailed explanations to avoid any confusion
  • Doctor-guided exercise instruction so you know you’re doing your exercises correctly
  • Customized programming options to address specific needs with 30-minute 1:1 consultations
  • Upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time
  • A fun, active community of like-minded people who also want to perform at the highest level and prevent future injuries!

Nothing frustrates us more than when doctors tell you to “just stop running” or, “at your age, this pain is expected”. Don’t let a stiff shoulder or aching knee hold you back from realizing your full potential.

You can break the cycle of [injury – rest – return too soon – reinjury] once and for all. Turn your limitations into freedom and your plateaus into optimal health and wellness. Take back your power and see just how far you can go.

Get Back Relief Now!

This 4 week program typically costs $15 but is yours FREE!  You will have access to video instruction and the ability to track your progress all through the TrainHeroic App.  Just fill out the form below and in minutes you will receive detailed instructions on how to access your program.

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