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Sam Mattis throwing for US National Track and Fields championships 2023

This week we are taking a quick detour from Chloe’s recovery journey (if you’re not sure whats going on read here!) and sharing some history and exciting news about an upcoming competition some of our Mobility-Doc athletes are competing in!  Next weekend marks the beginning of the 19th World Athletics Championships!  This year, it’s being held in Budapest, Hungary.  Today we are going to share a little bit about the history of this competition and introduce some of the athletes Dr. John will be supporting in Budapest.

About the World Athletics Championships

The World Athletics Championships is the 2nd largest display of world athleticism dwarfed only by the Olympics.  The first Championships was held in Helsinki, Finland in 1983.  Originally held every 4 years, after the 3rd competition in Tokyo, the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) decided to make the competition every 2 years instead.  Now, the international competition is held the years before and after the Summer Olympics.  At this competition you can see all types of track and field events from running to high jump and much more! 

Dr. John doing recovery work on Rudy Winkler at US track and field Nationals before the world athletic championships event
Dr. John treating Rudy Winkler

Mobility-Doc Athletes

This year the World Athletics Championships is hosting more than 2000 athletes from over 200 different countries around the world.  There will be over 49 different disciplines to compete in.  Our own Dr. John will be representing the Mobility-Doc team by supporting 6 athletes from all around the globe.  They will be representing Egypt, Samoa, Nigeria, and (of course) the United States!   We will be helping competitors in the disciplines of hammer throw, shot put, and discus.  Learn more below!

Sam Mattis competing before the world athletic championships

  • Ranked 6th in the world of Men’s Discus Throw
  • Top 8 finish in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Learn More

Mostafa Personal record shot put through before world athletic championships

  • Ranked 28th in the world in Shot Put
  • Top 8 at Tokyo 2020 Olympics,
  • All African Games Bronze medalist

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  • 28th World Ranking in Hammer throw
  • NCAA Indoor champ,
  • 2X national indoor champ

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Alex Rose Warm Up for Track and Field World Athletic Championships 2022

  • Ranked 9th in the world for men’s discus,
  • Current Oceanian Record Holder for Discus Throw

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  • Broke Nigerian record in 2021 for Discus
  • Current African Record Holder
  • Ranked 17th in the world for Women’s Discus

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  • #2 world ranking Hammer throw
  • Top 7 Olympics 2020 Tokyo

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  • 2X National Indoor Champion for Shot Put
  • 2X National Champion

Learn More

What These Athletes Have In Common

These wonderful people are not only outstanding in their athletic discipline, but are hardworking dedicated individuals on and off the field.  They also all came to a realization they needed to bulletproof their bodies by improving their mobility so they could be healthier stronger athletes.  That is how we all became acquainted after all.  Mobility is what we do best!  We are honored and excited to be working with them day in and day out with our MDFit Mobility programming.  Maintaining this kind of athleticism doesn’t happen overnight.  They work incredibly hard and we can’t wait to see the results over the next 2 weeks!

The Schedule

Make sure you tune in next weekend to support all of the athletes in the World Athletics Championships!  The competition runs from 8/19/23 – 8/27/23.

world athletics championships schedule

Events To Watch!

  • Men Discus Throw
    Qual Group A: Saturday 8/19 at 19:10
    Qual Group B: Saturday 8/19 at 20:40
    Final: Monday 8/21 at 20:30
  • Women’s Discus Throw
    Qual Group A: Sunday 8/20 at 9:00
    Qual Group B: Sunday 8/20 at 10:30
    Final: Tuesday 8/22 at 20:20
  • Hammer Throw Men
    Qual Group A: Saturday 8/19 at 12:00
    Qual Group B: Saturday 8/19 at 13:40
    Final: Sunday 20 at 17:50
  • Men’s shot Put
    Qual Groups A & B: Saturday 8/19 at 10:30                                        Final: Saturday 8/19 at 20:35

Join MDFit Mobility

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Don't Miss This Weekend!

I know we just filled your head with track and field for next weekend, but there are more exciting things you don’t want to miss!  This weekend Zach Makovsky is competing in Bogota Columbia for the Brave CF 73 Flyweight event!  Watch as he competes against his Brazilian opponent this Saturday 8/12!

Photo by Brave CF

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