Mobility Madness: 16 Of Our Best Mobility Exercises

Dr. Jon dropping one knee inside while keeping his glute on the ground perfoming windshield wipers as one of our best mobility exercises to try

Welcome to Mobility-Madness!  If you missed it on our social’s we have officially started our Basketball inspired season!  This weekend into next, we will be pitting some of our favorite exercises from 4 key regions of the body against each other!  We are so excited to be introducing some of our best mobility exercises here.  We’ll also give you an opportunity to get into the competition by placing your votes on which exercises you love most!  Join us as we introduce our sweet sixteen brackets and go into detail about why these specific exercises were chosen.  Get ready for the madness!

The Brackets

With so many parts of the body, it was hard to choose just 4, however we wanted to drop some dimes for you!  You can use all of these exercises to promote wellness in your body!  Maybe even give them a try before voting.  

You’ll notice that some of these exercises may be able to fit into different brackets.  That’s because some of them are great for more than one body part.  They landed in their particular bracket because they are some of the most popular exercises that we love to do and recommend to our patients.  Without further ado, let’s introduce the 4 areas of the body and the exercises that will be competing.

Our Best Mobility Exercises

We’re introducing these exercises from the 4th seat to the 1st!  If you’re not familiar with how these brackets work, essentially we’re saving our most popular and best exercises for last!  (Hint… the 4th exercise of each body region is one of our most popular and most used)

The Shoulder

loosening up the rotator cuff muscles in the back of the shoulder, Dr. John uses a ball to mobilize the connective tissueNot a stretch, or a strengthening exercise, this is connective tissue mobilization breaks up adhesions and knots in the muscle.  Doing this under and in the back of the shoulder can make a big impact on your ability to move your arms overhead!  This can be quite uncomfortable, but very effective.  – Tutorial here

Dr. Jon S standing with knees slightly bent, hinged at the hips, opening his arms up into a W position practicing one of the best mobility exercisesAmazing for patterning, activation, and strength, bent over W’s help re-teach your shoulders how to move – Tutorial here

Dr. Chloe face down with weight transferred to 1 shoulder stretching her pec as one of our best mobility exercises for the shoulder

This is a sniper of an exercise.  You get so much release in the front of your shoulder and through your chest.  The position of your shoulder head makes a big difference, so you need to make sure you have the proper form! – Tutorial here

Sasha demonstrating the twisted angel by lying on her back, hips twisted in a 4 position, slowly stretching 1 arm out overheadTwisted Angels – This power punched exercise is one of our most prescribed exercises to patients with shoulder problems.  Why this made #1?  You get stretch in your shoulder, improve how the shoulder blade moves, and an amazing twist through the spine.  – Tutorial here

The Knee

Dr. John slowly lowering down on one leg to a seated position focusing on the eccentric contraction for a patellar tendinitis exercise

If you’ve been following along with us you probably saw these recently!  The eccentric contraction is perfect for helping heal your knee.  These are all about high reps, low weight to get your body ready to take whatever you want to throw at it! – Learn More

Dr. Chloe is balancing on her hands with one foot next to her hands and the other outstretched behind getting a deep stretch in the groinTargeting the groin, quad, hip flexor, and even some hamstring this stretch gets you from all sides!!  Many people have knee pain but ignore their adductors that can contribute to some of that knee pain.  This stretch will help you get it all! – Tutorial here

With weight in her forward foot and hands gently touching the floor in front of her, Sasha is flossing her hamstring by slightly bending and straightening her other knee to get a stretch.You’re probably thinking…. Wait that is for hamstrings… and you’re right!  But the back of your leg has just as much to do with how your knee works as the front!  This unsung hero is amazing to help get you back on track which is why we chose it as one of our best mobility exercises

Jon S leaning back onto one elbow stretching his front hip flexor and quad Another one of our most popularly used exercises by us (the Mobility-Doc team) and our patients!  This stretch is able to tackle the hip flexor and quad!  It’s easy to do anywhere and very effective. – Tutorial Here

The Back

Dr. Chloe lifting her chest, arms, and feet off the ground for superman T raises, one of our best mobility exercises

This exercise improves strength of your middle back, lower back, glutes, hamstring, and core.  This can be a challenging exercise to not let your lower back take over!  Lift from the middle back first.

improving spine mobility Ever felt like one of your vertebrae was stuck?  This will fix it.  Jefferson curls helps you articulate each individual part of your spine.  Many of us start moving parts of our spine as one large piece instead of many individuals! – Tutorial Here 

Dr. John improving his spine mobility through rotation on the floor It may seem counterintuitive but rotational flexibility unlocks movement in your spine!  Rotating through your trunk helps to mobilize your entire back! – Tutorial here

Dr. Jon laying over the foam roller in his middle/upper back, relaxing to mobilize his spineWhy this is #1?  Almost everyone who walks into our office could benefit from this exercise.  The thoracic spine or middle back is a silent contributor to shoulder issues, neck issues, and so much more!  If you add mobility back into your middle back, you’ll be surprised how many other parts of your body start feeling better! – Tutorial here

The Hips

Dr. John with 1 foot up on a box behind him, stretching the quad and hip flexorThis classic is good for getting a deep stretch through your quads and hip flexor muscles.  It really helps you target the entire quad because of the elevated position of the foot.  Doing this provides much more stretch than your typical half kneeling hip flexor stretch! –Tutorial here

Dr. Jon dropping one knee inside while keeping his glute on the ground perfoming windshield wipers as one of our best mobility exercises to try

Great for internal rotation, this stretch works through your quad and hip into your hip flexor muscles.  If you think you’re a pro at this make sure you’re doing it right!   – Tutorial here

Dr. John in a split stance with 1 leg in front of the other, hinging at the hips.Improve the strength and stability of your hips individually!  Because you’re in an asymmetrical stance, you get the benefit of focusing on one hip at a time!  This is important so you can work out any asymmetries you may have from left to right. – Tutorial here

Dr. Chloe with 1 leg elevated on a box with her shin parallel to her hips stretching her hipThis isn’t just #1 because of the fame!  We see people all the time doing pigeon, but not getting the most out of it.  In order to get the most benefit, you need your knee to your ankle to be in a straight line and parallel to your hips!  If you’re letting your ankle slide in towards your body you lose the effectiveness of this exercise.  Elevating your pigeon gives you the opportunity to get the right angles so you can work up to pigeon on the floor!  Try it and see for yourself! – Pro Tip here

How It Works

These exercises are our sweet 16 bracket!  Each region will compete against each other until a winner is determined.  That is where the fun begins!  We are asking YOU to vote for your favorite exercises!  You can find polls on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to cast your votes on your favorite exercises!  Make sure you participate to become part of the fun and take part in history as we choose a winner for 2024!

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