4 Great Knee Strengthening Exercises

Dr. Chloe seated on a box with 1 leg elevated in front of her after doing the eccentric chair squat for knee strengthening

Whether you’re running up a hill or simply bending down to pick something up, you need to be able to trust your knees. How do you make sure you can depend on them without worry? Targeted knee strengthening exercises can help but it’s more than just your quads you need to worry about. The exercises we’re sharing today have the ability to not only strengthen your knees, but retrain your body to move properly.  This alleviates extra stress from being put on the knee.  You’ll prevent injury, alleviate pain, and bulletproof your knees for whatever you’re asking them to do!  

How Can I Make My Knees Stronger?

It doesn’t matter if you’re 19 or 90, strong knees are essential for everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs, even getting up from a chair. They also play a vital role in sports and fitness activities. They absorb impact, maintain stability, and support your body through repetitive motions. Weak knees can lead to pain, reduced performance, and increased injury risk. The question then becomes, are my knees really the problem?

Dr. Chloe seated pointing to her knee showing the correct positioning (on the outside of her big toe) to stand up for her knee strengthening exercise

You may be surprised to hear this but hip strength and mobility directly affects knee health.  The knee suffers from any weakness and dysfunction stemming from the hips. This increases stress and instability to the knee joint. Contrary to popular belief of focusing on your quads to strengthen your knees, our knee strengthening exercises combine targeting important hip muscles and compound movements.  These compound movements help your hips and knees work together to stabilize and strengthen both the hip and knee.  That way they’ll work harmoniously together to be stronger than ever!

4 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises

**Before you start strengthening, make sure your body is ready for it.  You need adequate flexibility in your joints before improving your stability and strength. If you need to improve flexibility first, check out our lower body solutions playlist **

1. Side Leg Lifts

Glute med. activation – Great for abduction and lateral movements, these smaller hip rotators need to be strong!  Lay on your side keeping your core engaged.  Make sure your top leg is slightly behind your hip.  Now lead with your heel as you lift up towards the ceiling.  Be careful not to over arch your back.  Do 10 reps per side

Dr. Chloe lying on her side, one hand on her top hip feeling her glutes activate as she lifts her leg heel first.

2. Hip Thrusts

Dr. Chloe with the tips of her should blades pressed against a soft box with her spine stable in a neutral position and her hips dropped, feet flat on the ground, preparing to push up into a hip thrust as a knee strengthening exercise
Dr. Chloe with hips extended back neutral and squeezing at her glutes

Glute max activation – This muscle is your main source of power – Use a box, chair, or bench to place the tips of your shoulder blades on.  Then, making sure your feet are hip width apart, toes facing straight ahead, lift/extend your hips and squeeze right where your glute and hamstrings meet when you reach the top.  Make sure you’re pressing evenly through both feet and engaging your core to keep your spine stable.  Do 10 reps total.

3. Modified Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs)

Connect your knee and hip stability (for basically everything)  We’ll break this into 4 parts.  With both feet on the ground:
1- hinge at your hips
2 – shift your weight to one side
3 – lift your leg behind you keeping your hips square to the ground
4 – stand up as 1 motion

Do 5 reps/side (10 total)

Dr. Chloe with 1 leg behind her in a single leg romanian dead lift - the second part of this compound movement for knee strengthening

Pro Tip – don’t bend your knees!! It will strengthen your quads which we don’t need right now!  You only need a slight bend in your knee to help with stabilizing.

4. Single Leg Eccentric Chair Squats

Dr. Chloe seated on a box with 1 leg elevated in front of her after doing the eccentric chair squat for knee strengthening

Combines stability, strength, and teaching your brain what position your knee should be in – Using a chair, bench, or box, balance on 1 leg.  Initiate sitting down by hinging at your hips and slowly lowering down until seated (Try slowly counting to 4).

Staying on one leg, stand back up.  It’s important to make sure your knee doesn’t fall to the inside of your toes on both the up and down!  Also if you’re having a hard time standing up you can use your free foot to help you stand.  Work up to standing up without it!

These exercises are best done circuit style.  You want to do 1 set of each and then repeat all 4 exercises 2 more times! 

Watch This Detailed Video About These 4 Knee Strengthening Exercises

How Long Does It Take To Strengthen The Knees?

For optimal results, perform these exercises 3-5 times per week. It’s always important to listen to your body and stop if you experience pain beyond mild discomfort. These exercises complement your fitness or hobby – they don’t replace it.  It can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to feel a change in your body so stay dedicated.  Consistency is key!

These knee strengthening exercises can significantly improve your hip and knee health.  Remember, if you have existing knee issues or have concerns, consult a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program.  If you have any questions related to our programming don’t hesitate to reach out and ask on our socials!  We’d love to hear from you.

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