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MDRx Programs

MDRx Neck

Got a stiff and/or painful neck? You know something’s going on but it isn’t “bad enough” to go to a clinic just yet. Dive into MDRx Neck for our full 4-week program designed to improve your neck range of motion while maintaining proper stability and function. Stiff and painful neck joints can lead to headaches, jaw pain, and worse. Get started today and put your neck pain in the past.

One Time Payment: $15

MDRx Hip

MD Rx is an ever-growing online library of problem-specific rehab plans created by the doctors at Mobility-Doc. MDRx Hip will get you all the way back to 100% by providing you with a proven, easy to follow rehab plan targeting hip muscle strength, length, and overall function.

One Time Payment: $15

MDRx Back

If you’re looking for a bit more than standard maintenance or prevention for your back pain, MDRx Back is your solution. This 4-week program takes you through spine and core exercises to improve the mobility, stability, and strength of your back. Don’t ignore your nagging backache — get started today.

One Time Payment: $15

MDRx Runner: Strength and Mobility

Not able to keep your pace up?  Improve your flexibility, mobility, and strength in targeted areas that improves your overall running performance.  This program features 3 – 20 minute workouts with 4 programmed 10 minute cool down recovery sessions.

One Time Payment: $15

MDRx IT Band

Not a muscle but a connective tissue, the IT Band can’t be strengthened directly.  This 4 week routine targets your hips, knees, and ankles to get IT Band issues under control.  There are 3 programmed sessions per week that takes approximately 10 mins.  Improve overall movement patterns in your lower body to combat IT Band issues.

One Time Payment: $15

MDRx Shoulder

Shoulder pain can be extremely debilitating. You almost never realize how important shoulders are until you can’t lift your arm all the way up or do a pull-up because of shoulder pain. We developed these 4 weeks of shoulder exercises with thousands of patients worth of experience to back the programming. Try MDRx Shoulder first. You’ll be surprised at your progress in just a month.

One Time Payment: $15

MDfit subscriptions

MDFit Mobility

Our base level 10-minute program is perfect for everyone.  It’s created as a daily recovery routine to eliminate everyday aches and pains. It improves range of motion in the upper body, lower body, and core/spine. This is a DIY program with detailed videos created by our team explaining every movement. Intended to be quick, fun, and effective, you will get the most out of this by completing all 7 days. You’ll need access to a foam roller to perform the exercises.

Monthly Payment: $20

MDFit Essentials

This is our foundational 20-minute full-body program. It’s targeted at priming the upper body, lower body, and core/spine with mobility, stability, and strength exercises, followed by a strength endurance portion. Each class lasts twenty minutes, and is perfect as a warm-up, cool-down, or even a rest day activity. You’ll need access to basic equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, or anything with some weight) to perform the exercises. Live classes hosted three times per week plus full library of all recorded classes available always.

Monthly Payment: $20


Programming includes all of the exercises in MDFit Essentials, plus an additional 10-minute HIIT circuit at the end. This class is perfect for those accustomed to DB workouts or anyone looking to target muscle strength specifically. Live classes hosted three times per week plus full library of all recorded classes available always.

Monthly Payment: $20

MDFit Barbell

Consists of the same triplet of exercises in MDFit Essentials followed by a strength endurance workout using a barbell. For the athlete who either prefers barbell training over dumbbells or is looking for a program including pulls, presses, and squats. Live classes hosted three times per week plus full library of all recorded classes available always.

Monthly Payment: $20

Custom Program

Schedule a video consultation today so we can walk through your injury history and make a custom program for you.

One Time Payment: $200

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