Best Post Run Stretches: 15 Min Routine

post run stretches are all about your adductors

Do the perfect post run stretches really exist?  Absolutely. If you’re part of that group of people that says they don’t like doing their pre and post stretching because it takes too long, we have the perfect set of stretches that targets your entire lower body.  Best part about it?  It’s 5 stretches that take 15 minutes!  That’s right! In 15 minutes you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken care of all those muscles that keep you moving!  Let’s not waste anymore time and dive right into our favorite post run stretches!

1: Figure 4

stretch your glutes with post run stretchesThis stretch targets our glutes.  Having good mobility in the hips and glutes allows us to access more power.  When these muscles are too tight they can’t work properly because their range of motion is limited!  Think about it,  If you can’t move through your full range of motion, how are you going to produce the most power?  It’s impossible!

2: Brettzel 1.0

post run stretches

The Brettzel targets our hip flexors, quads, and even some rotational flexibility for the back and hips!  One of my personal favorites, I love that this stretch does so many things in such a simple movement.  Tight hip flexors impact the orientation of your pelvis.  This can be when you’re standing, sitting, and running!  If your pelvis isn’t in the ideal position for running, you may start seeing issues later with asymmetrical problems and open yourself up to injury!  Which…. Nobody wants!  Pro Tip:  Make sure you don’t overarch your back!  Keep it in a neutral position while you’re twisting

3: Single Leg Down Dog

post run stretches includes calf and hamstrings

Our 2 for 1 hamstring and calf stretch is really similar to yoga’s down dog.  We give it a twist by picking up one of our feet and tucking it behind the standing leg so you can really feel the difference between sides.  Our calves can be hard to stretch and even forgotten about sometimes!  We want to make sure to protect yourself from achilles issues and shin splints!  This is definitely not a stretch to leave out.  

4: Lizard Stretch

open up the groin and hip flexors

Another yoga inspired stretch is the lizard stretch.  We do lizard for stretching the hip flexor, glute, hamstring and adductor (more commonly known as the groin).  These adductor muscles are really important because they are one of the meatiest parts of our upper leg.  One common thing we see happen in this stretch is the wrong position for your front foot.  Make sure it gets to the outside of your hand!!  That is what is going to give you that extra good stretch through your groin.

5: Butterfly Stretch

post run stretches are all about your adductors

I know what you’re thinking…. As you groan in displeasure seeing this stretch as our last one, know it’s for good reason!  If you’re thinking we just did this in the last stretch, consider the fact that the groin is made up of 3 muscles.  As I said, this is the meatiest portion of our upper leg!  That means one angle for stretching isn’t going to cut it.  This butterfly stretch allows us to get into the more top/inside portion of our groin where the Lizard gets more into the bottom and back!  

We aren’t trying to be the most flexible kids in town.  We want you to focus on being able to sit up straight.  That means no rounding your back.  A great trick is to fold up a blanket, yoga mat, or even grab your nearest throw pillow and sit on it.  You’ll be amazed that a little extra height can do wonders for your seated posture!

How To Do This Routine:

The beauty of this routine is that we do it circuit style over 3 rounds.  That means you spend 1 minute per stretch and depending on the stretch, 30 seconds per side.  In rounds 2 and 3 you’ll feel yourself start to open up and get deeper into those stretches!

Follow along Best Post Run Stretches Video:

I strongly recommend you use the video above!  Dr. Chloe takes you through the full 15 minute stretch routine giving way more tips and tricks than I could ever write here!  If you’re confident to do these without the video, make sure you follow the order given above.  These stretches are set up in a way that they lead into the next.  We want to make sure your body is ready for what you’re asking it to do!  Share this blog and video with a fellow running buddy to keep yourselves running all season long!  Happy stretching, but even better yet, happy running!

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