How To Stop Slicing the Golf Ball and Improve Throwing Accuracy

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Ever wonder why after spending all that time strengthening your throwing accuracy and distance haven’t really improved?  Maybe your golf swing is out of whack and no matter what you do you keep slicing.  The culprit might be lurking in your tight muscles!  You may be asking yourself what on earth do golf and throwing have in common.  Think about it. Throwing and a golf swing rely on smooth, powerful movements throughout your body. But if your back feels like a rock, your hips won’t budge, and your shoulders creak like an old door, forget about accuracy or distance in either sport.  This is where mobility comes in.  Let’s get a deeper understanding of why this is happening, and then go over how to stop slicing the golf ball and improve throwing accuracy.

Why Mobility Matters for Throwing

Imagine trying to throw a dart with a stiff arm. Not pretty, right? The same goes for throwing a discus, shot put, baseball or football. Tightness in your back and shoulders limits your arm’s swing, making it hard to generate power and control the implement’s direction.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Limited back rotation: If your back is stiff, you can’t twist as much during the throw. This reduces the power you transfer from your legs to your arm, leading to weak throws.
  • Tight shoulders: Ever feel like your shoulder gets stuck when throwing? This tightness affects your arm’s path and makes it harder to aim accurately.

Why Mobility Matters for Golf

A good golf swing is all about rhythm and rotation. But if your hips are locked up and your shoulders are stuck, you won’t be able to turn smoothly through the swing. Your body needs to rotate easily through your back and hips to generate power and swing the club on the right plane. Tightness in these areas throws off your balance and timing, leading to those frustrating slices and hooks. Not only that, but you’re also losing out on a lot of power behind your swing.  Improved mobility lets you rotate freely, resulting in a more consistent and powerful swing that sends the ball sailing towards the green.


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Mostafa Personal record shot put through before world athletic championships

What both actions have in common are the ability to disassociate your hips and your shoulders.  That means the 2 parts of your body can act independently of each other and not all as 1 unit.  In golf, your hips go first, followed by your shoulders.  Similarly for throwing you want your hips to produce a lot of power for your block and your upper body follows!  If your hips and shoulders move as 1 unit your throws and ball are going to fall very short of where you want them to be.

Unlock Your Potential: Mobility Exercises

The good news is that you can improve your mobility with some simple exercises! Here are our favorite 3 to help you achieve your golfing and throwing goals:  

Begin improving your mobility with your hips.  Windshield wipers work both internal and external rotation as you move.  You’ll likely feel this in your groin and inside of your leg, but also through the front and outside as well.

Sit with your feet a little more than hip width apart.  Let both knees fall to the same side.  Try to touch the knee falling to the center of your body to the ground.

Pro Tip:  Keep your glutes on the ground!!  If you allow your hips to leave the floor you’re not getting a good stretch!

lay on the ground with one knee at hip height and the opposite arm oustretched to the side to help stop slicing the golf ballWith one knee high across your body, open your top arm in a rainbow shape over your chest.  Try to turn all the way open through your entire spine.  Ideally both shoulders should be flat on the floor.  Make sure you stop moving your hand when your shoulder stops!  Don’t force over rotation.

Pro Tip:  Let your head follow your hand to get more twist!

arn sweeps to help stop slice the golf ballGetting into the same position with your lower body, sweep your arm from your hips as far as you can go towards the top of your head.  Try to get your shoulder, elbow, and palm all on the floor.

Pro Tip:  Turn your palm up/down at the half way point to help your shoulder move properly! (below the hips palm faces down, above the hips palm faces up!

Do these every time you throw or hit the green!  If you want even more benefit, try fitting these in every day!  They only take 10 minutes so whether you’re watching TV or looking to start your day on the right foot, find the time to squeeze them in!

Watch Dr. John's Quick Video With More Pro Tips!

The Takeaway

By improving your mobility, you’re not just loosening up your muscles – you’re unlocking your full throwing and golfing potential. You’ll throw farther and straighter, hit the ball cleaner, and maybe even shave a few strokes off your game. Remember, a little flexibility goes a long way! So ditch the muscle stiffness, embrace mobility, and get ready to unleash your inner athlete!

Bonus Benefits: Beyond the Throw and Swing

The benefits of improved mobility go way beyond throwing and golfing. It can help with everyday activities, reduce your risk of injuries, and even improve your posture. Feeling loose and limber just makes you feel good overall!

Twisted angels are a Mobility-Doc original exercise to improve shoulder mobility

Remember, consistency is key! Aim for a few minutes of stretching a few times a week. You’ll be amazed at how much more freely you can move and pleasantly surprised with how much your game improves!

Is Your Back Ready?

Golf season is in full swing and one of the biggest problems our patients face when returning to the green is low back pain.  So many of us have been hibernating all winter with work and staying cozy on the couch.  Protect yourself and improve your game by making sure you’re ready to face the rigors of the sport. Use MDRx Back Pain to eliminate stiffness and discomfort before it becomes a problem.  Start and end this season swinging more confidently than you ever have before!  

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