What Kind of Muscle Scraper Is Right For Me?

Grastoning the leg with a sidekick muscle scraper

Muscle scraping is a very effective way to make changes in your soft and connective tissues.  When looking to expand your tool kit for muscle recovery, this is definitely one you should add into your repertoire.  It can be a little daunting when you’re presented with so many options, but don’t worry, we have hands-on experience with all of the tools we are going to introduce today.  Let’s break down the benefit of what muscle scraping does, and then go over the pros and cons of some of our favorite Sidekick muscle scraper tools!

What Does Muscle Scraping Do?

The concept of muscle scraping has been around for hundreds of years.  It is an old form of Chinese medicine called Gua Sha.  In the early 2000’s it was popularized in Western culture with the Graston Technique.  The act of scraping your muscle helps to break up adhesions and increase blood flow.  Why is this important?  Breaking up the adhesions and scar tissue allows for good healthy muscle!  Increasing blood flow promotes healing to the area.   That means if you’re dealing with any kind of strain or sprain, this will help you heal faster.  Watch this short video from Dr. John describing exactly what we’re talking about.

John doing hamstring strain healing exercises

Does Material Matter?

When using a metal muscle scraper you can feel vibration coming from the metal tool into your hand.  That vibration is an indication that you’ve found knotted up muscle and scar tissue that needs to be smoothed out.  After working on the area for a few minutes every day you will see the muscle begin to smooth out and those vibrations will go away. 

Many of the entry level scrapers are made of stone.  This different material is often lighter and doesn’t give the same tactile feedback when scraping.  It can still get the job done, but it’s a bit more difficult.  You have to push harder and work longer in order to get the same results.  Plus you’re not always sure you’re in the right place without that tactile feedback!  That being said, a stone one is better than none at all! 

Comparing Sidekick Tools

All 3 of these tools are good options if you’re looking for a muscle scraper to use at home.  They are the same general shape and all feature the same style edge.  This edge is important when looking for a muscle scraping tool so you can use it with confidence.  The featured double beveled edge helps to make sure you’re getting the recovery you need without being too sharp! 

The Curve:

Sidekick’s entry level muscle scraper is the Curve.  It’s made of stone and is the lightest of the 3 tools.  Because it’s made of stone and lighter you won’t be able to get in as deep as with a metal tool.  Dr. John describes this as being more of a muted and gentle feel on your muscles.  The curve is the most affordable muscle scraper at $50.

The Swerve:

Your next step us is the Swerve.  This tool is made of stainless steel which is going to give you that tactile feedback we’re looking for!  Since it’s metal it can get into your muscles a bit better.  You also won’t need to work quite as hard to break up those adhesions and scar tissue because of it being slightly heavier.  This model comes with a lifetime warranty and is priced at $95.

The Echo:

Lastly we introduce the Echo.  This muscle scraper is a little bit longer and has a textured grip which helps you get into your muscles even more.  This is the heaviest of the 3 tools (still not very heavy) and the most effective.  The Echo also comes with a lifetime warranty and costs $135.

Check Out This Quick Comparison Video

Sidekick Muscle Scraper Comparison Chart







Stainless Steel

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

















Lifetime Warranty




Our Pick

When comparing these 3 side by side we have a clear choice.  The only reason we would really encourage you to buy the curve (stone) tool is if the other 2 options are too far out of your budget.  It is better than not using anything at all, however the benefit of vibration with the other 2 is pretty significant.  When comparing the 2 metal options our recommendation is the Sidekick Echo.  If you’re going to use this tool often (which we hope you will!) it’s worth it to splurge.  The difference in weight coupled with the anti-fatigue texture is totally worth it.  

We love using muscle scraping as part of an effective muscle restoration practice!  Coupled with other forms of rehabilitation it helps expedite your healing.  Pick up the muscle scraping tool you think suits your needs best at any of our Mobility-Doc locations or using this link!  

Not Into Muscle Scraping?

Not ready to commit to a muscle scraper?  One of our other favorite techniques is muscle flossing. Check out what it is and how to do it here!

Joh tack and flossing to work on his hamstring strain

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