Balancing Asymmetries

Dr. Chloe doing prehab single leg exercises in a primer

What types of exercises are best for balancing asymmetries? Find out what you should do to reduce your risk of injury due to muscle imbalance.

How To Choose The Right Training Program

Patient doing core exercises and demonstrating women weightlifting

Last week we talked about deciding between physical therapy or a strength training program.  We know there are a lot of different options when browsing the market for training programs.  Some come with world renowned trainers, others with tons of great reviews!  So which one do you choose?  There are many factors, so let’s walk […]

Foam Rolling For Faster Muscle Recovery

Dr. John is being instructed how to foam roll by another physical therapist

Our lives constantly move in the fast lane.  Our nature is to push our boundaries and strive to be better.  Whether you’re a young athlete, or keeping up with your grandkids, everyone has something they’re looking forward to and training for.  We are so excited to continue sharing how to recover those sore muscles better […]

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