How To Stop Slicing the Golf Ball and Improve Throwing Accuracy

golfer and thrower pictured at the end of their throw/swing

Ever wonder why after spending all that time strengthening your throwing accuracy and distance haven’t really improved?  Maybe your golf swing is out of whack and no matter what you do you keep slicing.  The culprit might be lurking in your tight muscles!  You may be asking yourself what on earth do golf and throwing […]

How To Use Your Massage Gun: Pro Tips From PT’s

Dr. Chloe demonstrating how to use a massage gun on Dr. John's forearm

You invested in a massage gun or percussion therapy instrument?  We can totally understand the excitement you feel while unboxing!  Then that sinking realization hits… what do you do with all those attachments?  Feeling overwhelmed, did you stick with the original one that it came with?  Don’t feel bad.  Many people do, but we’re here […]

Ankle Rehab Exercises For BJJ

Dr. John demonstrating plantar flexion with a muscle band on as an ankle rehab exercise

There is no question that Jiu Jitsu is physical.  I mean, your goal is to push someone past the point of breaking…  So what happens when you’re caught in a foot sweep or leg lock?  You don’t tap early enough resulting in a strain, sprain, or worse a break.  Recently we have been focusing on […]

How Can I Strengthen My Feet For BJJ?

Dr. John working with Rene on how to strengthen his feet for BJJ

As a barefoot athlete you need to pay more attention to your feet than most.  Every part of your body is exposed to be manipulated and used against you.  Protect your feet by strengthening them.  We partnered up with Rene Sousa to show us and explain why it’s important to strengthen your feet as a […]

3 Techniques To Heal Your Hamstring Strain

John doing hamstring strain healing exercises

A few weeks ago we talked about how our Mobility-Doc Jo(h)n’s are training for their own 400m dash!  Of course when it comes to athletics there’s always something to go wrong…  In this instance we have a pulled hamstring.  Generally hamstrings have a bad wrap as far as healing goes, but what we have found […]

What Is Muscle Flossing?

John demonstrating muscle flossing

Tack and floss, more commonly known as muscle flossing, is a type of active release technique (ART).  Much like the name implies, the action requires you to actively move through a range of motion in order to help release tension in the connective tissues.  In this form of ART you compress the fibers of the […]

Flat Feet Exercises For Every Day

John doing a flat foot exercise

Whether you are suffering from rigid or flexible flat feet, these flat feet exercises are the perfect way to strengthen restore your arches!

Exercises To Improve Your Golf Swing

man golfing

When it comes to golf, distance is a coveted attribute. The ability to effortlessly cover great distances is a dream for every golfer. While power and technique play significant roles, there’s another key factor that can unlock incredible gains and improve your golf swing: thoracic mobility.  In this blog, we’ll dive into the importance of […]

3 Easy Exercises To Improve Shoulder Flexion

skull crushers

Have you ever found yourself struggling to reach the top shelf to get your favorite treat or lift your arms up victoriously and found your shoulder feeling tight?  Well you can toss those worries away because our new mobility challenge is all about the shoulder and being able to lift your arms overhead.  Commonly thought […]

How To Make Your Own Primer

John doing single leg lunges during a primer

What makes a good warm up?  We know that it takes more than just flexibility to get your body ready to do what you need.  Flexibility is a component of our definition of mobility.  Your mobility is the combination of how your body uses its flexibility, stability, and strength of a joint or body part.  […]

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